Community rules

We happily welcome you to our Black Wasabi portal. Here you will find many opportunities to exchange ideas with people interested in gaming, to discuss, to seek/give help or simply to keep up to date. No matter what you are doing or planning to do: We ask you to be civil and polite. 

In our community rules you will find important guidelines on undesirable content (e.g. in text/image form or by linking), which we take to heart so that we can offer every visitor a pleasant atmosphere. Our community rules do not claim to be exhaustive and may not cover all forms of offensive behaviour. 

If you are approached by a Black Wasabi staff member about your behaviour in any other way, please take it seriously. If you become aware that someone is breaking our community rules, please report it immediately to: We reserve the right to evaluate each incident individually. The actions we take as a result cannot therefore be compared with other incidents and actions. And very importantly, should we come to the conclusion to partially/permanently ban your account, this may not only affect your access to the Black Wasabi portal, but may also have a significant impact on your game account(s), up to and including exclusion from games.

Therefore, please consider the following basic rules in particular:

No Hate Speech

We do not allow hateful or demeaning content. This includes content that attacks, denigrates, intimidates, dehumanises, incites or threatens to incite hatred, violence, prejudice or discriminatory acts against persons or groups on the basis of their actual or perceived race, ethnicity, national origin, caste, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, religious affiliation or disability status. Overall, do not use racial, religious or other slurs that incite or promote hatred.

No sex(ting)

The Black Wasabi portal is not a sex or dating portal! Unwanted advances are therefore to be refrained from at all times, including in private messages. This includes unsolicited attempts at desire, relationships or other (supposedly romanticising) advances, as well as suggestive remarks, sexualised innuendos or marriage proposals.

No bullying

Other harassment, such as bullying, is also to be refrained from. We do not want to see or read offensive content, doxing (breach of data protection by publishing private/personal data) or otherwise exposing people; either actively or by inciting/inciting such action. 

No power to drugs

We do not wish to see the abuse of illegal drugs. Anyone who refers to, links to, or otherwise condones this or related illegal activity will not be tolerated on our site.

No power to the trolls

Trolling of any kind is prohibited. For us, this includes, among other things, attempts to cause trouble, instigate fights, senseless and/or unconstructive phrases, abuse of reporting functions, spamming and the like. 

No violence / terrorism

Threatening, inciting or promoting violence is prohibited. The posting of content that glorifies violence, advocates the suffering or humiliation of others, or is excessively cruel, shocking or sadistic is equally prohibited. The same applies to depictions of, support for or promotion of terrorism of any kind. 

No self-harm content

Do not post or share content that depicts, promotes or supports any form of self-harm, including suicide. This specifically includes all forms of intentional and/or direct injury to one's body, including self-mutilation and eating disorders.

No harmful programs 

Posting cheats, hacks, Trojans or other malicious/harmful programs, as well as referring or linking to them, is taboo. 

No interference with our services

Our services or rights must not be impaired. This includes that access to our Black Wasabi portal is only permitted via the means expressly provided for this purpose (e.g. website, apps or interfaces provided). The (attempted) access or access to our portal and/or data by circumventing access restrictions and the unauthorised use or application of mechanisms, software or scripts in connection with the use of the Black Wasabi portal must be refrained from. Do not remove any copyright, trademark or other proprietary rights notices contained in or on any of our services.

No spoiling / hacking of files

Unauthorised spoiling of game updates, changes or other game content or linking to websites that spoil previously unreleased game content is prohibited. This includes in particular the prohibition, e.g. by manipulating the game data of the client, to unlock game content that would not be accessible in normal game operation.

False News / Fake News

We are open to discussion. However, we will not tolerate anyone who directly or indirectly spreads false reports / fake news or supports their spread. This can happen, for example, by spreading false information or manipulated content or by linking to such content.

Respect for (intellectual) property rights


We take our own and other people's rights very seriously and would like you to do the same. It is not allowed to publish content if it violates someone else's rights (e.g. copyright, personal rights, trademark rights, design rights etc.). 


If you are unsure about your rights, take the time to read our policy on the use of other people's content.


Impersonating Black Wasabi staff


If you are not a member of the Black Wasabi team, you must refrain from even the mere hint or suspicion of being a member of the Black Wasabi team to others.


But you want to be part of the Black Wasabi team? Then apply now!


No content with advertising for companies or products/services


Advertising for the Black Wasabi portal including all services, games, apps etc. provided by us is allowed. And yes, third party companies can also advertise on the Black Wasabi portal. However, this possibility is subject to certain regulations, which we state separately. In particular, the unauthorised, self-serving advertising of organisations, products, services or websites is prohibited.


No circumvention of blocking


As mentioned at the beginning and stated in our terms of use, the circumvention of temporary or permanent bans is prohibited. This means that each person may only have one account. In particular, it is forbidden to distribute content via other accounts or by others in their own name.